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July 19, 2021
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July 19, 2021
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Cooler Bag (2 in 1)


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The Eve Love Cooler Bag is designed ensure that mothers can store precious expressed breast milk safely and babies receive their ultimate nutrition.

This stylish cooler bag keeps breastmilk cool for long hours (approximately 10 hours) because of fully padded sidewalls which provide good insulation. The ample space at the Bottom Compartment eases mothers to store breastmilk and ice bricks while travelling (can store up to 3 Eve Love Ice Bricks and 6 Eve Love Storage Bottles).

The Upper Compartment is suitable for carrying along your BREASTPUMP.  Small to Medium Sized Breastpumps are suitable for this purpose.

Made from high quality Microfiber material, durability is guaranteed.  This bag is lined with top notch plastic bone which ensures that it stays in shape with constant use. The handy seperator between the Upper and Bottom Compartment allows mothers to handle their breastfeeding equipments and breastmilk storage accordingly.

Versatile and stylish, it’s multipurpose function allows mothers to use it as a diaper bag or to keep baby accessories.

Size: 10 inches (length) x 8.5 inches (height) x 6.5 inches (width)